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A leading supplier of automotive training equipment to training establishments and technical colleges.

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We are an engineering company established for over 45 years specialising in the manufacture of vocational automotive related training products.

Block Automotive (A.G. Block LTD). are pleased to supply motoring organisations, technical colleges, diagnostic equipment manufacturers, motor manufacturers, Schools, Academies, Home Office and training organisations from the UK and overseas. Our trainers are found in over 45 countries.

We have developed pin-out facilities and fault insertion to assist in the diagnostic training and understanding of modern vehicle systems.

All makes of vehicle systems available. Main line systems in stock.

Included in the range of vehicle systems we supply are: Braking, Air-Con, Alarm/Immobiliser, Can-Bus, Electrical, Engines, HGV, Lighting, Ignition, Motorcycle, Multiplex, Self-Wiring, Steering & Suspension, Transmission.

All equipment fully guaranteed for two years. Special projects undertaken to customer requirements. Overseas enquiries welcome.

ABS Trainers

ABS Trainer

Fully operational, self contained Brake Rig

Front and rear disc assemblies, master cylinder and servo.

Hand brake and brake pedal with switches.

Fitted with oriinal ABS system including ABS unit, wheel speed sensors and diagnostic socket.

Ignition Turrets

Ignition Turret

Fully operational Inductive Ignition Turret Trainer, manufactured using original components

Based on a FORD Inductive Ignition system, complete with Inductive distributor, amplifier, ignition coil, HT leads and 4 x spark plugs

Distributor operated via a variable speed control

Engine Rigs (Petrol)

Engine Rig Petrol

Fully operational petrol engine rig, complete with fuel, ignition, cooling, Turbo and exhaust systems

Based on a GM/OPEL Astra H, complete with BOSCH Motronic or Simtec engine management systems

Engine Rig mounted on a self-contained stand complete with castors

Engine Rigs (Diesel)

Engine Rig Diesel

Fully operational diesel engine rig, complete with fuel, cooling, turbo and exhaust systems

Based on VW 1.9 Turbo diesel Engine, complete with BOSCH electronic diesel control system (EDC)

Fitted with manufacturers diagnostic socket (16 pin)